Walled City | Sanya Wellness Retreat
Pastoral Monument | Camerich Jiaxing Factory Architectural Concept Design
Changping 990
Craft and Monument | Piaget Flagship Boutique
The Forest | Zhengzhou Headquarters
The Urban Monument | Qujiang Museum of Fine Arts Extension
Recast | Lao Ding Feng Beijing
The House of Remembrance | Singapore Residence
Incision | Nantou City Guesthouse
Shan-shui: A Duality | The Chuan Malt Whisky Distillery
The Vertical Lane House | The Waterhouse at South Bund
The Void | Aranya Art Center
The Black Box Redux | Building Number 31
The Sanctuary | Suzhou Chapel
Changsha Residence
The Brick Wall | Tsingpu Yangzhou Retreat
Octave Living Center | Jianguo Road Development
The Relic Shelter | Fuzhou Tea House
Rachel's Burger
The Interlocking Journey|Junshan Cultural Center
The Library | Valextra Store
Helsinki Guggenheim Museum Competition
Rethinking the Split House | Private Residence in Tianzifang
The Urban Oasis | Alila Bangsar
Sculpted Light | New Shanghai Theater
Wuhan Hotel
The Recontextualiztion of History | Design Republic Design Commune
The Black Box | Neri&Hu Design and Research Office / Design Republic Office
Sentul Contemporary Art Museum
The Salon | Miami Hotel
Xuhui District Building
The Inserted Cloister | Nice Hotel Competition
The Elevated Palace | Riyadh Hotel Competition
The Shunting House | Indian River Private House
Lancaster Building
Cultural Arcadia | Zhangyuan Competition
The Vertical Courtyards | Kuala Lumpur Residential Tower
The Archives | Le Meridien Zhengzhou
Changzhou School
The New Landscape | Chengdu Opera House & Gallery
The Village | Hangzhou Boutique Hotel
The Landscape Theatre House | Brazil Private Residence
The Faceted Ribbon | Stockholm Apartments
The Split House | Li Residence
The Forest & The Beach | Koh Samui Resort
MCM Seoul Flagship Store
The Vertical City | Civic Center in Zhengzhou
Hongqiao District Center
Sky · Earth | Zhengzhou Museum
The Overlapping Land/House | Cluny Road Residence
Hunan Road Apartments
Yangcheng Lake Villas
The Unified City | Schindler City
Ancestral Hall | Aranya Museum of Family History
The Nexus | Anshun Bridge Restaurant
The Unifying Wall | Yuyuan Road Development
Quissamã House | Brazil Private Residence
Xi’an Westin Hotel & Museum
The Garage | Beijing B+ Automobile Service Center
Wenzhou Inn
Farine Boulangerie
Bow Street Police Museum & Hotel
Sangha Village
Jinyu Community Library
The Future Ruin | Concept Design for Pudong Art Museum
Sydney Boutique Hotel
House of Duality | Jiaxing Guest House
An Enigma of Volume | Creative Office in Cologne
Lee & Chew Residence
Vanke Beijing Club
HKU | Shanghai Center
Arched | Doha Boutique Hotel Competition
100 Etchings: A Journey Within | 14th Venice Biennale 2014